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Track Listings

Joni Knows (4:03)
This is not Me (3:49)
Different Hand (3:11)
Touch Down (4:36)
First time I Fell (5:22)
Lovin Machine (4:09)
U Got Me (4:18)
Theyll never Understand (3:10)
Feel Heat - featuring Si Hayden (5:20)
Welcome to Suburbia (3:40)
Feel Heat - Anatasha remix (6:55)

Welcome to Suburbia - Bukechi
Published on Force 8 Records 2009 - All rights reserved
Bukechi are registered on 3rd August 2006
Official website Contact
All songs composed by Bukechi, except U Got Me by Anatasha.
All songs recorded at Breac Studios, Royal Leamington Spa, UK, exclusively using Logic Pro.

Band Members
Sammi Houston - Vocals, Backing vocals, Acoustic guitar
Steve Skidmore - Guitars, Keyboards, Bass, Producer

Paul the Ox Hogg - Sound Engineer, Mixing, Mastering; Bass on U Got Me
Anatasha - Remix, Composer U Got Me
Si Hayden - Nylon guitar on Feel Heat

Chris R Johnson - Album cover artwork

About the Songs:
Joni Knows
Lyrics: Sammi; Music: Sammi & Skidders
Bukechi's first co-written song. This is an ode to Joni Mitchell and based around the Mitchell track You turn me on I’m a radio. It followed a unique process, Sammi doing most of the work; singing on her mobile phone, then sending as a recordings to Skidders mobile. Skidders then spliced together all the threads before both sitting around a table to come up with the chords and arrangement. Joni Knows seems to have become Bukechi's signature tune.

This is not Me
Lyrics & Music: Sammi
A song Sammi wrote a long time ago, around the same time as the albums title track. Skidders put various instruments around this, including a Yamaha Silent Nylon guitar and this track has ended up exceedingly well. Some amusing off-mic banter & laughter during original recordings have been removed, but its still difficult to listen without a smile.

Different Hand
Lyrics & Music: Sammi
Sammi composed this using open DADF#AD tuning, a la Joni Mitchell, which prompted Skidders into buying a second Martin guitar! In fact, Sammi's technique with open tuning and even her rhythm style was a newbie for Skidders. He hasn't complained though about learning new styles or getting a new Martin. This song is often used as an opener for Bukechi sets.

Touch Down
Lyrics & Music: Sammi; Acoustic guitar: Sammi
Sammi wrote this some years back, about the birth of her friends baby. Bukechi now refer to this with affection, regarding the birth of Sammi and her partner, Niks, recent new born, Maddy. Skidders has rocked up this song, originally composed on acoustic guitar and even added Deep Purple-style electronic organ. This is a rather excellent track to rock in the car with Wayne of Wayne's World!

First time I Fell
Lyrics & Music: Skidders
A love song written by Skidders for his wife, Terryann. Sammi uses some lovely three-part harmony in sections of the song, which is complemented by the pianoforte. We hope you like it!

Lovin Machine
Lyrics & Music: Skidders; Backing vocals: Skidders & Sammi
Dedicated to Nik, a tongue in cheek 60s style rock song, with Austin Powers influence and sound. Started off with Skidders playing acoustic guitar tuned to DADGAD, then with the aid of rock-organ and a sexy-Strat sound, the completed track became better than the original concept. The only track that features Skidders on backing vocals, please enjoy this song with a smile on your face.

U Got Me
Lyrics & Music: Anatasha; Bass: Paul Hogg
Anatasha wrote this song when she was around 16 and normally incorporates it into her sets, but at a degree slower tempo than our version. Skidders wanted to get an Average White Band style & sound. Using Login Pros features together with a Fender Telecaster, he achieved the exact sound that was being aimed for. Paul Hoggs bass is also funky with a capital F. This is definitely a track you can groove to!

They'll never Understand
Lyrics: Sammi; Music: Sammi & Skidders
The second co-written Bukechi song, following a similar formula to Joni Knows. Again, Sammi wrote the lyrics and melody, then the chords and arrangement were put together by committee around the coffee table, to end up with what we call our Eurovision Song. Some nice bouncing pianoforte, makes for a most catchy the middle-eight.

Feel Heat - featuring Si Hayden
Lyrics & Music: Skidders; Nylon guitar: Si Hayden
Skidders had this tune in his mind for ages, with a flamenco feel. On putting some chords together, he then set about some lyrics, uniquely done in an hour car-journey home, where the words were recorded onto his mobile phone (a technique that seems to work well for Bukechi!). When Si Hayden agreed to play nylon on the track, Skidders was thrilled and when you hear Si playing, you will know why!

Welcome to Suburbia
Lyrics & Music: Sammi
Sammi wrote this nearly 20 years ago. Its about ending University life and how you just leave into the big world. This is a great song to perform live and we decided to record this with just one single acoustic guitar, less being more for this beautiful song.

Feel Heat - Anatasha remix
Lyrics & Music: Skidders; Remix: Anatasha
Another slant on Feel Heat, Anatasha creates a unique sound on this remix, which is the final track. Again, Sammi creates some lovely harmonies, which she recorded just a few weeks before baby Maddys touch down.

´┐╝Album photography by Chris R Johnson

A big big thank you to everyone who helped us directly or indirectly, but in particular to Paul Hogg, Anatasha, Si Hayden and Chris Johnson. And of course, big thanks to our lovely partners, Nik & Terryann!

Sammi & Skidders xx