Sammi & Skidders…

Sammi has a string of recordings to her name, including the CD "Food of Love" and as a session artist, made a guest appearance on Howard Green's fabulous "Tapestry of Light" album. She has also recorded TV advert voice-overs and vocals. A great Joni Mitchell fan, she gives Joni a run for her money and her influence comes through in her performances.
Skidders has been playing guitar for more years than he cares to remember. Involved in various Midland bands, he's played with Dexys Midnight Runner's Kevin Rowland, Ruby Turner's Geoff Pearce and Black Country C&W star, Johnny Carter, amongst others. Clapton is a major influence on Steve.

1969 - Skidders, 14 years old (yes, unbelievable isnt it?), played drums in The McChords, a Smethwick based 3-piece C&W band playing clubs & pubs

1971 - Skidders, changed over to lead guitar - group renamed White Satin, as 4-piece, moving to more pop/rock. Pete Rowland joined on Bass
Pete (whose brother Kevin was singer of Dexys Midnight Runners) after joining became a trainee teacher at Skidders school (Holly Lodge Grammar school, where Julie Walters went) - a refreshing Teacher / Pupil relationship! Pete went on to become Skidders Best Man at his wedding. Kevin Rowland played with Pete & Skidders, as he learned his trade before going on to greater heights with number ones such as Geno & Come on Eileen

1978 - Skidders, joins new club band, Cincinnati

1983 - Cincinnati disbanded, Skidders retires from playing

1988 - Sammi (15) starts singing at school through musical theatre and appears in many productions at the Swan Theatre, Stratford Upon Avon. This included playing Sandy in the hit musical Grease.

1992 - Sammi joins Coventry based band Bitter Moon. Lineup included guitarist from 80s band King and bass player from Dexys Midnight Runners (a coincidence between her & Skidders, not realised until later). Gigs included pubs and clubs around the Coventry area. Bitter Moon ends later that year

1998 - Skidders & Sammi meet at work, Land Rover Vehicles, whilst sharing the same desk with two computers balanced on, whilst testing software. Quickly developed friendship and found broad overlap of musical interests. The office would be at their mercy with harmonies and banter. They had various musical flings, playing & singing at work presentations and birthday parties to name a few

1999 - Sammi joins two other guitarists to form DSS and play acoustic gigs in the Coventry and Warwickshire area

2000 - Sammi records session vocals for local artist Howard Green and appears on his album Tapestry of Light on the New World Music Label

2003 - Sammi and Skidders join forces with two other musicians to form acoustic four-piece SASSY, specifically to play Stratford upon Avons music festival
Handful of further gigs played but SASSY ends, eof 2004

2005 - Sammi & Skidders decide to form Hush because of musical overlap and desire to perform and express their music
The name Hush was Sammis idea. Skidders wanted to call the duo Annies Rabbit as an unusual name after Sammis best friends pet. The word Hush was thought to represent the acoustic side of the duo and also included their initials (SH/SS). The name also picked up all sorts of amusing definitions

May 2005 - First appearance at 50th birthday party

June 2005 - Benevas Malcolm Evans invite Sammi & Skidders to their first formal gig at their monthly Ditch the TV (DTTV) event at the Cottage, Earlsdon in August. Sammi & Skidders accept and start frantically learning new material for this event

August 2005 - Before DTTV, they play at Jaguar & Land Rovers Party in the Park event at Coombe Abbey, Coventry. This offered an ideal opportunity to try out the new material at what was, an informal event

August 2005 - The first formal event, DTTV. A successful evening, not least because the audience was a large percentage of Sammi & Skidders friends!

October 2005 - Acoustic Amnesty, Moseley, performing with Beneva & What About Cube?
December, 11th 2005 – Turn it UP! Hush Virtual-EP (VEP) and new website launched

November, 10th 2006 - Due to other bands of same name and associated problems with copyright etc, Sammi & Skidders rename themselves as Bukechi - Chinese for Youre Welcome. Bukechi was registered 3rd August 2006 on recognised as the formal registration method for band names. Website revamped for the new look and new album of original material underway.
After much encouragement and discussions with various people and celebrities, Bukechi decide to start writing and playing their own material. Sammi had previously written some songs and around half home written songs were performed for the first time at the Copper Pot in Leamington Spa.

Around this same time in 2006, Skidders contributes first song for Bukechi, Feel Heat. Sammi & Skidders decide an album should be recorded of their music. Rcording and work of Welcome to Suburbia (one of Sammi's self-penned songs) starts.

August 2007 - Skidders releases rock instrumental single Baggies Battle Cry

November 2007 - Bukechi perform alongside Kevin Rowland at FMN2 concert to raise money for cancer care. £3,500 given to Penny Brohn Cancer Care

March 2008 - Skidders re-releases single Baggies Battle Cry, featuring Sammi on vocals and Rap Artist Tat Supreme

15th May 2009 - Final Master of Welcome to Suburbia completed, around 3 years after its start.

6th July 2009 - Album, Welcome to Suburbia released on iTunes

Planned break - 10th July 2009, Sammi’s second daughter, Madeleine Ann is born.

Sammi is a Joni Mitchell fan, so much so, that she named her daughter after her. Other influences are mainly female singer/songwriters such as Shawn Colvin, Jewel, Carol King, K D Lang - too many others to mention She has wide taste in music and listens to other genres such as Rock, Country, Folk and even middle-of-road Pop. Sammi is inspired by lyrics and is passionate about the way music makes her feel.

Skidders has broad musical tastes, but particular favourites are Clapton, Mayall, Hendrix etc. A typical man, he thinks lyrics are to fill-in between guitar solos! However, thanks to Sammi and his daughter singer-song writer Anatasha - Skidders has taken greater interest in the performances and albums of female singers, such as KT Tunstall and Lucie Silvas. But, he likes nothing more than sitting back and turning up Robben Fords Handful of Blues!

Buechis first recording (then under the name of Hush), comprising of 5 covers of their favourite songs. The VEP is free and armed with the official website address – - all artwork is provided so anyone can burn their own CD complete with covers, or use the artwork in iTunes (see Music page)

Debut Album
Welcome to Suburbia, released 6th July 2009, available on iTunes. All Bukechi self-penned songs (except U Got Me by Anatasha) - recorded at Breac Studios in Royal Leamington Spa. Sound Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Paul The Ox Hogg.

What’s Next?
As of 27th May 2011, Bukechi are now up and running again and started off by covering the late great Ella Fitzgerald’s Songbook Series at DTTV. A DVD is available of the night and they are performing a mixture of “Bukechi meet Ella” sets in addition to their self-penned music. Next recordings planned, is a new single (yet to be named!). So please watch this space.
Joni Mitchell is a major influence on Sammi - so much so, she named her daughter after her and her own Limited Company after one of Joni’s albums! Like Skidders, Sammi also loves KT Tunstall.

Eric Clapton is Steve’s (aka Skidders) hero - and they both support the same football team! Robben Ford is much listened to, as is Jeff Beck & Rory Gallagher. Also see Skidders’ website at
Both Sammi & Skidders have a broad overlap of musical tastes and their music is a unique fusion of acoustic, fold, pop, blues, jazz etc - listen to our music and see what you think ...

vbr, Sammi & Skidders xx