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P!$$ED up Steve!

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A Merry Christmas to everyone! 2012 has some groovy gigs coming up. 27th April, I’ll be doing a sort of Seasick Steve tribute, using my latest guitar edition shown in the last news item. In keeping with my persona, the tribute will be called “P!$$ed up Steve” and I’ll be using the Chickenbone John Cigar Box guitar in addition to the Busker Delta Blues resonator.
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This gig will be at the lovely “Ditch the TV” in Coventry
Also at DTTV 25th May, will be Bukechi. After the “Bukechi meets Ella” set of this year, 2012 will see the more traditional side of Sammi & Skidders.
One DTTV gig I cannot miss, is BAiT’s reunion 27th January - A MUST! BAiT feature drummer John Chivers and famous Concert Photographer, Chris R Johnson.
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Another Bukechi gig will be at Cox’s Yard 8th March. Also at Cox’s are Claptout & Acoustic 12th January, where Malc Evans & I will be performing the acoustic numbers from Clapton’s MTV Session.
Beneva gigs where I’ll be playing bass, include: 7th January, the Kasbah Nightclub - Coventry; and the one I’m really excited about, the Cavern Club, Liverpool at the IPO Festival, 20th May.
For all gigs, visit the Gigs page of this site.
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