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New Resonator

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Well, all good things are worth waiting for. And it finally arrived - my custom retro/aged resonator from Busker Guitars, based on their Delta Blues model - a 12-fret brass bodied beauty. And what a fantastic job Robin and Ron made of it.
And it has come just in time for this Thursdays gig at the fantastic Musicians Pub in Leicester, where Claptout and Acoustic will be performing the songs of Eric Claptons MTV unplugged session.
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Songs like Rollin and Tumblin, Running on Faith, Walkin Blues will all feature in the new reso first outing. And I cant wait!
Malc Evans (my partner in Claptout and Acoustic) and I, will be playing alongside the countrys premier Crowded House tribute band - Crowded Out.
Check out my gig guide to see all other events we have with Crowded Out around the country for this year, including the fantastic Robin 2 in Wolverhampton and Coxs Yard in Stratford.
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Back to the resonator - there is obviously so much care, attention and dare I say, love, put into the making of these beautiful instruments. I cannot recommend them enough for anyone wishing to purchase such a style of guitar. You can find Robin and Ron at
Also, I have to recommend (no commission for me by the way), the fabulous bottle necks made by Diamond Bottlenecks - - speak with Ian MacWee there for a superb sounding bottle, customised if necessary.
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