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Peerless Ella

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Bukechi ( was 5 years old last Tuesday which was coincidently my birthday. And now Sammis second daughter, Maddy, has recently reached one years of age, it is time to dust off the Bukechi cobwebs and get into the swing!

And with a beautiful Peerless New York jazz guitar for my birthday from Foulds Music of Derby, what better way to return Bukechi to the stage, than with a Ella Fitzgerald homage. More news of Bukechi meets Ella can be found on the Bukechi website.
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The New York guitar sounds amazing and I’m really starting to get into the jazz side of things. And Sammis voice will be just divine with those Gershwin, Cole Porter and Rogers and Hart songs.
Most certainly the Peerless will sound divine too - I haven’t be able to put it down since receiving it. I think it is probably the most beautiful guitar I have ever owned - and that includes my Martins.
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More information on Peerless Guitars may be found at