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Bukechi get together at last!

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Not only are Bukechi doing their first gig for over two years, but in their inimitable style, they will be doing something totally different!
Sammi and Skidders will, as Bukechi, be meeting Ella Fitzgerald and they play songs from the Ella Fitzgerald Songbook series.
Further to Skidders interest in Jazz and acquiring a Peerless Jazz guitar, the unique voice of Sammi against this new genre for Bukechi, has lead to a brand new set of songs, sure to please all listeners.

Jazz is a unique and challenging area to learn and play - said Skidders.
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There is so much room to both improvise and for Sammi to extend her fantastic range, that it was a natural choice in the evolution of Bukechi - he added.
In addition to this new sound, Bukechi are once more at the boundaries of musical eclecticism, by completing a progressive rock single, soon to be released.
To see Bukechi meet Ella for the first time and to see them perform for well over two years, come to Ditch the TV, Friday 27th - see for more details.