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Nearly There

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The P!$$ed Up Steve gig, at the Maudlsay in Coventry (27th April 2012) all started whilst having some banter at work regarding my new 3-string cigar-box, combined with my drinking habits. I texted Malc on the spur of the moment, asking if I could do a Seasick Steve tribute at DTTV - and on receipt of an affirmative text from Malc, the die was cast!
I busied myself getting together a bunch of SsS’s songs from his two alums I own - “Dog House Music” and “I started out with Nothin and I’ve still got most of it left”.

I learned the guitar work on three different guitars - my new Chickenbone John 3-string cigar-box guitar1; my Busker Resonator; and my USA Standard Telecaster.
It took a bit of work, but I got there in the end. Despite not being able to sing, I had to learn the lyrics, which for me isn’t easy. Lyrics just get in the way of guitar solos!

The picture at the top of the page, is Malc and I when we recently supported Midge Ure at Cox’s Yard in Stratford upon Avon. Like Seasick Steve, Midge Ure had to have a mask made by Mask Arade -