Skidders' Latest News !

New Malc Evans EP & Skidderslectric nearly ready!

glmpse front coverIt was great to be asked to play bass & mandolin on Malc Evans’ new EP, “Glimpse”. My favourite track is a real foot tapping song called “I’m Still Moving On”, which also features violinist Jools Street.
Other featured artists are Jac Smith (vocals), Chris Raspin (piano), and my good friend on percussion, John Chivers. If you want to listen or buy the EP “Glimpse”, click here...
We took the musicians (with Nathan Bennett standing in for ‘on holiday’ Chris Raspin) to launch the EP at Ditch the TV - basically, the first time we musicians had played live. It was a great evening and Malc played a lot of his existing numbers plus a few new ones and I was happy to use my Les Paul Standard on the last two songs - “Move Your Body” being a particular favourite of mine and allowed me to let rip with a solo.



My debut album is very nearly completed. I just have to fine tune a couple of tracks and record my latest composition “Just Boozin’” - a favourite pastime of mine. It will features Mrs Skidders, complaining about said hobby. More news as soon as the album is finished. The ‘companion’ second album “Friends & Family” will be released in 2015.


Quite a few gigs are now in the pipeline, including another P!$$ed up Steve in July. Please check the Gigs page for more info.
vbr, Skidders