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700 Capacity Venue - 8th July

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A fantastic gig coming up at Midlands' premier 700 capacity venue, the Robin 2.
Claptout & Acoustic will be playing alongside Crowded Out at this fantastic RnB club near Wolverhampton, 8th July 2010.
Malc & I played there when we supported Family's, Roger Chapman last year - and what a great gig that was!

Now, as Crowded House tour the UK, and with Eric Clapton also on tour - you can 'see' both in the same evening, at the same venue for only 6 pounds. To book tickets in advance, please visit -

Claptout & Acoustic
As it's such a special occasion, we're delighted to announce we have invited Anatasha & Anna Stamp (backing vocals) - and Paul 'the Ox' Hogg (bass) to join us - and they've accepted!
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Claptout & Acoustic lineup - for one night only!

Crowded Out
They are the UK's Premier Crowded House tribute band. I have to say (no offence to Crowded House fans), but when I heard Neil Finn singing live on Radio 2 the other week, I honestly thought Crowded Out's Andy Thomas sounds better!
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Andy Thomas - and Crowded Out

If you're a Crowded House and/or Clapton fan, this surely is a 'must' date for your diary!

We really hope you can come - if you do, please come and say hello to us all.