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Bostin Deal!

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Bostin, as you may know, is Black Country for great, good - well, bostin!
Bostin is also the Black Country and Birmingham online store for tee-shirts and other merchandise managed by Donato Esposito.From his website:
Bostin Group is about putting smiles on peoples faces!
We hope to spread some smiles and good news about what is good about Birmingham, The Black Country and beyond.
There is enough doom and gloom in the world that it is sometimes hard to see the fun in life, the good things that make us smile.

Our area is full of heritage and pride and we at Bostin Group want to shout about what is good about both the area and the people. We have some factual, ground breaking and humorous articles to bring to you. Stories that you want to share with people, talk about and discuss.
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Bostin is all about being positive, after all, it does translate to brilliant, fantastic, great.
Well now Skidders UK Store is being managed exclusively by Bostin where you can find Tee-shirts, CDs and DVDs online at

You can see in the title photo, Skidders Bostin tee-shirts modelled by my good lady wife and I. But you may possibly have noticed us wearing Neil Finn (Crowded House) and Eric Clapton (from the Unplugged era) masks. They particularly come in handy when we do the Claptout and Acoustic gigs with Crowded Out.
But if you should want any masks for parties, stag dos etc, you can simply order these online from Mask-Arade at
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And talking of Claptout and Acoustic gigs with Crowded Out, theres a great one coming up 9th October at Coxs Yard in Stratford on Avon. Tickets are only a fiver in advance and can be ordered online from
Hope to see you there!

More information about Bostin may be found at

For Mask-Arade see