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Drunk & Orderly

Well, all things considered, things didn’t go too badly. Of course, as always, I couldn’t sing, but fortunately nobody seemed to care!
Malc Evans very kindly played cajun on a couple of numbers, whilst Microstu videoed the evening - so please look out for the DVD in a month or two. In the meantime, you can find a few “home taken” videos on Facebook.
Pasted Graphic 5

Rowan Evans (Malc’s son) kicked the evening off and the Rip Roaring Success finished the evening - it was great foot tapping, almost blue grass type music.
Many thanks to Chris Johnson and Hannah Tobin for the photos - they are great!
At next month’s Ditch the TV, Sammi & I will be playing Bukechi songs plus a few covers to whet the musical appetite. Hope to see you there. Details are all at - see y’all!