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2010 News!

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Hi all - long time since the last update, so I hope you are all well.
Many thanks to those who joined my Skidders Facebook group - if you havent and want to, please click here...
Well, much to do in 2010 - whilst Sammi is raising her lovely family, I am involved in several other projects. Firstly though, just to say what a beautiful baby Maddy is - and Sammis number one daughter, Joni, is such a fantastic sister and help to Sammi & Nik. I am so pleased for them.

When ever my number one daughter, Anatasha, sees Maddy - you have no chance of holding her!
There are some very good gigs lined up for Claptout & Acoustic, staring 2010 with a trip to Ditch the TV this Friday then an evening this Sunday at Kristy Gallachers KG Presents in Kenilworth.
Three gigs that will be even more fantastic, are at the Robin2, Fat Lils and Coxs Yard alongside Crowded Out - Britains best Crowded House tribute band. Check out my Tour Dates page for more info.
New Guitar(s)
Wife - How many guitars do you really need?
Husband - Just one more after the next one!
Robin Clark of Busker Guitars taught me that one. Great! And I await a new resonator from them, perhaps the end of this week - hopefully in time for Friday & Sundays show.
Oh yes, there was another Martin (pictured above) - a 000-18. I love my wife!
New Double Album
I will be working on my dual album throughout 2010. Friends & Family is an acoustic concept album, wheras Skidderslectric is a companion Blues/Rock offering.
You can download now for free, the Bhangra Rock Fusion song - just go to my home page and select the link. If you supply your email for mail updates, you can download for free.
Also available is Skidders Dance Mix for only 99c - available now on my Merchandise page.