Skidders' Latest News !

Beneva gig plus new guitar!

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An all-too rare Beneva gig comes up this Thursday at the Hare & Hounds, Birmingham. More info soon, but the gig will raise money fore an Epilepsy charity. From Beneva’s pont of view, this is most certainly dedicated to the late Rachel who was a great fan and tragically died earlier this year, which was related to epilepsy.

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New Guitar
On a more upbeat note, a new Nylon guitar is on order, primarily for the Classic nylon songs on Claptout & Acoustic (Tears in Heaven, Lonely Stranger etc). The Silent Yamaha guitar may look unusual, but it produces a lovely Classical guitar sound and sounds like an authentic Spanish guitar.

It will also be used on the new acoustic album, Friends and Family and is already earmarked for the track Sammis Song - Skidders dedication to his musical partner, Sammi Houston.