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New single & new website!

wg-itunesWelcome to Skidders’ all-new website! In this news item, there’s more about this site as well as news of my new single and the artist who created the artwork, Natasha Pollack.

New Single

I was asked by some friends, Jess & Kristian, if I knew of any slide guitar music for their wedding entrance. I couldn’t immediately think of any so suggested I might write one for them. It was a good opportunity for me to compose a new song for my forthcoming acoustic album Friends & Family. After a few ideas, I came up with what will now be released as a single called “Wedding Guitars”.

I was really please with it and more important, so were Jess & Kritisan. So I was very privileged for them to use it for their ‘wedding march’. I am currently recording an acoustic cover for my daughter’s wedding next year - but I think she’d like me to keep the title of that song under the hat!

Wedding Guitars is available to pre-order now on iTunes for its release date of 16th December 2013. As well as ordering now itunes you can preview the song.

Pasted Graphic

Tasha Does Drawings

One of the special parts of the single is the artwork by Natasha Pollack of “Tasha does Drawings”. Natasha says on her website

“I am pretty awful at Maths and my spelling leaves little to be desired, so I do drawings instead. If you like my drawings - thanks, it means a lot to me.

If you like my drawings so much you just send me a message saying what you’re after; whether it be a one off, a print of something you’ve already seen, or perhaps you’re looking for someone to illustrate your story? We can work stuff out.”

I gave Natasha the idea of 2 guitars getting married - and that I used a steel acoustic and a resonator and she came up with the artwork. I think it is fabulous and can’t thanks Natasha enough. Do contact her through her website if you want any artwork commissioning - and please check her site out for the range of work she covers.

New Website

I hope you like the site update. Please, please do send any comments for improving the site - it would be most appreciated!

Until next time - peace & love, Skidders