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I have just had the pleasure of a few gigs - both played and seen. First was Claptout and Acoustic at Coxs Yard with Crowded Out last Saturday. Another great gig with Malc playing the Clapton Unplugged songs - alongside our friends, Crowded House tribute band, Crowded Out.
Unfortunately, this was their last gig together, so it was a sad farewell. But the crowd that came along were great, with terrific support for both us and Crowded Out. If you came, many thanks.
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Beneva - Friday 29th October

The next gig is a Beneva mini-reunion at Ditch the TV next Friday. I will be playing bass for Malc and Nathan, with Nathans brother, Matt, playing drums. I am really looking forward to this one!
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Jet Harris MBE
In my Bio, I mention Hank Marvin and Jet Harris as my major influences. And I went to see Jet Harris for the first time last night. What a privilege to meet this gentleman and get my original 45rpm records signed. Without Jet and Hank, I would never have learned to play the guitar!
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This is now up and fully running with Bostin
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