Skidders' Latest News !

New Website & Updates

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If you’ve followed the evolution of Skidders website, youll see a whole new style and design. After reading Randy Chertkow & Jason Feehans The DIY Music Manual ( I realised a major overhaul was required to provide the right kind of information in the right format.

It is certainly a big task, and has only just started with much further work required, but a big thank you to the authors, particularly Randy, who gave me feedback. Hopefully youll like the new look and feel, but Id welcome and feedback good or bad.

I then hope to press on with the dual album and be in a good position to market it. After putting my heart & soul into the production of Bukechis Welcome to Suburbia, I am now ready to really get stuck into my rock and blues songs. One of the first I will be recording is Sammis Song which I wrote for my musical partner about a year ago.

Talking of which number one daughter, Anatasha, wifey Terryann and I went out with Sammi on Friday night to see Enzio at Coxs Yard. They are a fab acoustic duo with an incredibly rich live sound.

Malc Evans & I (Claptout & Acoustic) will be playing at Coxs Yard in October (please see tour dates). Joining us will br Crowded Out - and we also have other dates with these great guys, starting 1st April (no jokes please!) at the fantastic Musician Pub in Leicester.

If anyone wants a Skidders badge (see in the photo), please drop me an email and I will arrange to get you one.

And finally - Happy Mothers day to all you mums out there!